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What is the Triton Community Initiatives?

The Vice-Chancellor— Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, the Vice Chancellor— Student Affairs and the Chief Human Resources Officer are proud to sponsor one of UC San Diego's latest campaigns, the Triton Community Initiatives (TCI)!

TCI is an inclusive, campus-wide campaign to holistically support UC San Diego's Principles of Community. Its objective is to develop and advance current student, staff, and faculty initiatives that promote campus unity and raise awareness of the campus's strategic vision as a student-centered, research-focused, service-oriented public university. Through allocating funds to individuals and organizations, TCI intends to amplify targeted initiatives and programmatic activities happening at UC San Diego.

All TCI activities will support or advance one or more distinct themes:


Promotion of activities and events to enhance the quality of campus life and support community building. Now more than ever, it is important to remain engaged through our community organizations and other networks to stay connected while keeping everyone safe and healthy.



Advocacy is about making your voice heard to bring about a positive change. Tritons can still be active participants in UC San Diego activities that promote community building and civic engagement. Whether through a student organization or social group, everyone can be an advocate no matter where you are.



Learning and listening to different perspectives challenges us but also allows the opportunity to see the world through other people's experiences. If done in a respectful and constructive way, we can grow as global citizens from engaging in dialogue with members of our community. Dialogue and open communication are essential to a thriving and rich community.



Education doesn't only happen in lecture halls or study rooms in the library; it can occur anywhere at anytime. Through education, we enhance skills that advance equity, diversity and inclusion, with the goal of developing a campus community adept in intercultural communication as members of a diverse global society.